Nationwide Netting - Bird Netting, Proofing and Exclusion

Nationwide Bird Proofing, Bird Net and Bird Prevention Systems

Nationwide Service - Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

We specialise in bird proofing, bird net, bird removal and prevention. We offer a wide range of options to suit every situation - From a simple pigeon net to a large scale seagull net.

ALL of our bird prevention systems are back by our full 10 year materials and labour guarantee.

Pigeon Net, Seagull Net, Roof Net, Bird Proofing, Bird Prevention


The perfect physical barrier to prevent birds accessing areas, ranging from the smallest of ledge to the largest of roof spaces. Perfect for high pressure nesting areas. Click here for more information.
Pigeon Under Solar Panels, Solar Panel, Pigeon Proofing, Bird Proofing, Bird Prevention

Solar Proofing

With eco-friendly solar panels becoming more popular on residential properties, so have our exclusion options. Click here for more information.
Pigeon Net, Seagull Net, Roof Net, Bird Spikes, Bird Wire, Bird Proofing, Bird Prevention, Ledge Protection

Ledge Protection

We offer a wide verity of ledge protection options, not only to protect the building they are installed on but also the ground and public below. Click here for more information.

Guano/Nest Clearance

Bird Guano (droppings), particularly pigeon, are not only unsightly but can also cause serious health problems. We offer full clearance and disinfection packages. Click here for more information.

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